Friday, 15 July 2011

Heart & Lungs Issue Two.

We have had an amazing amount of fantastic front cover submissions for our next issue themed 'Stories From The Sea'.
Thank you so so so so much to everyone that submitted, we appreciate it bajillions.

After much debating, we have decided on an octopus-tastic illustration by Jamie Mitchell to use on our front cover for August/September...

You can look in awe at all our other submissions too over in our Gallery, some of which will also be featured throughout the zine.

Speaking of which, you can now pre-order your copy of issue to by heading here & come the 1st of August it will pop through your letterbox.

Neat, huh?


  1. Hi! Do you Know wich are the submissions that will be into the zine? kisss

  2. this cover looks ace! you had looooads of entries this time! i'm going to pre order issue 2 in a moment! yay! x

  3. looking gooood! hope it goes from strength to strength!